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Room Available

Huge bedroom in 3BR rent stabilized apartment in Lefferts Gardens/Flatbush near Prospect Park! Closest train is the B/Q at Church Avenue. Top floor in a three-floor walkup. Building is family-owned and well-cared for. The available room is very large and has natural light. There is enough room to fit a full size bed, a shoe rack, and you! There are classic New York City radiators, which you can’t get anywhere else, making the space feel especially safe in the winter time. We also have an old-school clawfoot tub that has never been fixed, which is not to suggest there’s anything wrong with it! Communal bathing is encouraged in solidarity with the California drought. My hope for the apartment is that it will serve as a gathering space for dinner parties, book clubs, movie nights, group therapy, massage therapy, therapeutic watercoloring, literary salons, and activist meetings (non-hierarchical only). Move-in date is May 1. 420-friendly.

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ECHO: On “Gladiator” and “Muriel’s Wedding”

When Jamieson first asked if I might like to join this panel and discuss the topic of “Echo,” “In Authenticity,” the first thing that came to mind was Ridley Scott’s epic film from year 2000, “Gladiator,” starring Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix. In an oft-quoted early scene from that movie, before his betrayal by the young emperor Commodus (Phoenix) and being sold into slavery, Maximus (Crowe), general of Rome’s northern armies, gives a pre-battle pep talk to his cavalry before they charge and decimate an opposing enemy horde of German barbarians. Maximus concludes his speech by saying, “Brothers, what we do in life, echoes in eternity,” reminding his troops that if they fight loyally and die in battle they will be glorified in death by finding themselves suddenly transported to an everlasting life in paradise.

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Sam sat up to the bar. “This is the best bar in the world, I am going to live in this bar for the rest of my life,” he mumbled to himself or no one. Sam was one of a random handful gathered there that day with no appointment or interest in watching other people drink, but this place had it all, Sam knew. He had walked in assured and ready to get serious about a few things. All bars represented for Sam a magical opportunity to tidy up loose ends, the fretful anxious miscellany of cosmopolitan life was best brought up and sorted out in establishments such as this, in the company of friends and/or total strangers, companions did not matter because booze and ambience did, and this bar’s special charm made it a frontrunner in the contest for his heart’s affection.

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